It appears that the askOLI extension hasn't been added to your browser yet. This is the component that automatically reminds you of advantages (you can check here if you will). If it's not yet done, then visit this page (Chrome or Firefox web browsers)

When you came here, that means that something isn't working. That's not good. Let's see if we can help you get started again.

What's the problem?

1. Problems when installing

The installation of askOLI should go very smoothly. If you can't figure out how to add askOLI to your browser, check if you're using the right web browser.

We currently support:

If you're using an older browser, consider upgrading to one of these modern browsers.

  • Mobile Chrome, Firefox on iOS and Safari on iOS simply don't support extensions yet, so we can't do them.

For other browsers, leave your email address or follow us on Facebook.

2. Problems during operation

Don't you see the askOLI notification every time you expect it? askOLI only notifies you once per site, during the same session. If you want to be notified again in the same session, click the askOLI icon in your browser toolbar and select "refresh". Or close your browser and restart it before trying again.

It never works, also when you just started the browser? Visit When that page is loaded, OLI should appear.

If something is not working, check following:

a. Have you created an account and are you logged on?

Check if you see welcome + your email at the top of the page.
If not click "Login", enter your credentials and restart your browser.

b. Is your askOLI browser extension installed and active?

Go to page to verify.

3. Have you configured your programs and other settings in your account?

Go to the account setup and follow the steps.