How many of the 150 advantages of your card La ligue des familles have you used last year ? 

Only a few? That means that you’ve often paid too much.
Did you know that you have discounts, not only in museums, but also in shops, dozens of magazines, amusement parks, But how can you always remember your discounts when you want to buy or visit something?

It’s actually quite easy! Let Oli think in your place. Whenever you’re looking up something on the Internet, Oli will tell you automatically where you have a discount with your card. You don’t even have to click anything to have it shown to you, so you can never forget.

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All advantage programs and coupons in one app
Searches discounts in member deals and shop folders
Already 12846346 advantages shown! What are you waiting for?

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  • "C'est un moyen super facile de savoir où vous avez un avantage."
  • "Très utile pour ne pas manquer un avantage sans avoir à chercher."
  • "J'ai déjà découvert un certain nombre de réductions inattendues."
  • "Installation rapide, facile à utiliser."
  • "Simplement vraiment pratique."