Frequently Asked Questions

Why askOLI?

As most people, you probably have a thousand discounts in shops, parks, travel agencies, … from your bank, insurance, employer or other organization.
A family could save €1.000 a year, if they don’t forget these deals. But they do forget them, because they are spread out over 10 websites and apps.

AskOLI knows all your deals, in 1 single app, so we make sure you really save that money instead of overpaying.

Who is AskOLI?

AskOLI is a Belgian company that decided to solve this problem. We work together with hundreds of employers and brands to make your life easier, but we also include deals from organizations we don’t work with, by automatically adding their deals to our search engine.

askOLI is operated by askOLI srl, Avenue Mélina Mercouri 9 Bte 9.2, 7000 Mons, BE0707.587.581

What apps does AskOLI have?

PC/MAC: when you hear app, you may think smartphone. But AskOLI is even stronger in your Chrome or Edge browser on your laptop. It will then automatically show in your search results where you have a discount and why. 

Android/IOS: we also have a mobile app, which knows all your deals AND links them to the loyalty cards you receive from shops. In 1 app, you have all your deals, the deals we provide on top AND your loyalty cards. All this in an app that’s 50x smaller than individual apps you can download.

Should I install the mobile app or the laptop plugin?

If you don’t want to pay too much for your purchases, you’d best install both. They’re both free and they work perfectly together, so you have the same deals everywhere. Click to install the browser version on your computer or the app on your phone.

I already have an app for loyalty cards, why should I move them to askOLI? (phone)

1. Because you save more money! AskOLI not only contains your cards, but links them to more than 10.000 deals from employers, student cards, member organizations, banks, … 
2. Because you save space on your phone and only need 1 app. 

How to move my loyalty cards from my old app to AskOLI? (phone)

Most apps don't allow you to export your cards, so we can't import them :-( . But scanning them again is real quick, while askOLI takes much less space on your phone and adds your member deals to your cards.

What if you don't have your physical cards anymore? If you have a second phone in the family, you can scan them from your current app.

    1. Create an askOLI account on another phone than the one with your old cards app.
    2. Display the cards in your old app and scan them with the askOLI app on the second phone.
    3. Install askOLI on the phone with the old app and login with the same account. All cards will also appear on that phone.

DONE! Both of you have all loyaly cards, but also all deals from your employers, school, bank, member organizations, etc. 
You can  maximize your savings and also install and sync askOLI on other phone(s) in your family.

What’s the difference between Oli Deals and My Deals? (phone)

Oli Deals are the deals that we found for you, on top of the deals you have from your bank, employer, …
My Deals are all your deals. Those from your employer, bank or other organization and the ones from Oli. You see all new deals coming in here, the most recent on top.
You can use the filter to see one or more specific deal programs. 

Why don’t I see AskOLI inside my web browser on my phone? (phone)

The automatic integration only works on PC/MAC, mobile phones don’t have that possibility yet.

I don’t see the AskOLI icon in my Chrome or Edge browser on PC/MAC? (PC/MAC)

Chrome and Edge sometimes hide browser extensions behind the Extensions symbol. When you click that, you should see the AskOLI icon and you can “pin” it to your toolbar, so you see it all the time.

If you don't see it there either, you may still need to install it.

How can I deactivate the browser extension on Edge, Chrome or Firefox (PC/MAC)?

When you click the AskOLI icon in your browser toolbar, you’ll see a menu with some functions.
In the pop-ups, you also see options to switch the extension off.
If you want to permanently uninstall the extension, you can click it with the right mouse button and remove it.

How can I delete my account from askOLI?

You can unsubscribe and delete your account by clicking here.

What does askOLI do with my data?

We do not store confidential data or browsing behavior, nor do we share your email address with anyone else. askOLI is a service that is paid for by our customers and partners to make their deals accessible, we do not need to sell your data to make money. Read our privacy statement for more information.