Check browser installation


It appears that the askOLI extension hasn't been added to your browser yet. This is the component that automatically reminds you of advantages. If it's not yet done, then visit this page (Chrome or Firefox web browsers)

On this page, you can check the functioning of the askOLI browser extension.

When you first load this page, the askOLI pop-up should appear like on the image.

Did you see it? You're done then.

Have fun with askOLI and let us know how you like it!


If it doesn't appear, here's what to do:

1. First things first

Did you really install the browser extension?

  • If you're using Chrome or Firefox on your dekstop or laptop, you should see an icon in the browser toolbar (you can click it to see the menu).
    Check askOLI icon browser toolbar
  • On Firefox for Android there is no toolbar, so you should type about:addons in your address bar to see if askOLI is installed.

Not installed? For Windows and MAC, go to this page. For Android you can find the extension here.


2. It is installed but doesn't work

Check following things

  • It only appears once, for about 10 sec.
    If you've missed it, you have to close the browser tab containing this page and then go again to "" in a new tab.
  • Check if your browser isn't in "private browsing" mode, because OLI is taking a nap in that case.
    If it was, start a new session in regular browsing mode and go back to "".
  • Close all browser windows. Start your browser again and come back to this page "".


3. I've checked all that and it still doesn't work

This is embarrassing. There's one last thing you can try. Try uninstalling the extension and installing it again.

a. Uninstalling

  • Chrome browser
    1. Type chrome://extensions in the address bar
    2. Click on the waste bin symbol behind the extension description
  • Firefox browser
    1. Type about:addons in the address bar
    2. Click on the "Remove" button behind the askOLI description

Now close all open browser windows and start your browser again, then come back to this page.

b. Installing again

Close and restart your browser after installing askOLI again. Then test again.


4. Nope, still no pop-up

OK, we guess that by now you'll be fed up with this. Let us handle it for you, use our contact form and we'll check what's happening. xxx