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Did you expect an Android app? You'd need to remember to launch it each time you want to check for an advantage. And forgetting to do so was the problem in the first place.
So we've made something much better!

On Android, you can have exactly the same automatic notifications as on your laptop or desktop.

If you're already using Firefox as mobile browser, then jump to step 2. If not, just keep on reading.

1Get Firefox for Android

Firefox is a modern, fast and secure browser by (a non-profit organization). And it's the only mobile browser that supports extensions like on your laptop.

Get Firefox Mobile for free from the Google Play Store

Firefox for Android

That's right, you can have all the power of your laptop on your mobile and use applications such as:

  • askOLI (of course)
  • Ad blockers. Ads keep the Internet free, but on mobile we just love ad blockers. They double your battery life and halve your mobile data usage!
  • And hundreds of other tools like, for example, the same password managers as on your laptop.


2Get askOLI for Firefox Android

Visit this page with your mobile Firefox and get the askOLI extension.

When done, login to askOLI when you see the pop-up (use the same credentials as on your other devices). All your benefit programs are automatically synchronized. .

Android devices

askoli on your iPhone or iPad

Apple iOS

As much as we'd love to have them, mobile browsers with extensions are not yet available on iOS. As soon as it's technically possible, we'll do the same as on Android.

And if the wait is too long, we'll make a regular mobile askOLI app instead. Stay tuned to askOLI messages, leave your email address or follow us on Facebook to be informed when it's there.

Askoli on iPhone or iPad