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The membership advantages of all your affiliations, directly in your browser

Let OLI remind you automatically when you're entitled to a benefit. You never have to remember to check yourself!

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Any idea how much you're missing out on?

Most people have between 5 and 10 programs where they have membership benefits.
93% of people are forgetting them and pay too much for many purchases.

Want to know what you are missing? Do the test or watch this video.

When you first start askOLI, you just click the logo's where you're a member

We update the membership benefits centrally every day and push only those that are relevant to your browser.

Automatic notifications on websites, without any action from you

Checking opening hours of a museum or event? Looking up directions to drive to a theme park? Buying online? OLI pops up as soon as he detects that you have a membership advantage. Never again miss that discount.

Pop-up shows your membership advantages and discounts

See your advantages in your search results

On Google or Bing, OLI scans the search results and highlights where you have a discount through one of your memberships. You see at a glance which sites are most interesting to visit.

Your member benefits directly in your search results