Visiting a real or an online shop? Oli automatically keeps track of your discounts!

askOLI in your browser

OLI knows all the discounts of the organizations where you're a member or client. With OLI you'll always get the best price from their partners (shops, museums, concerts, travel, …), effortlessly.

  • Automatic discounts in your app for the item you're searching, exactly at the right time.
  • You see directly in your Google or Bing search results in which places you get advantages.
  • On any website, askOLI pops up when you have an advantage - automatically..
  • Just click on "Get askOLI" and in a minute from now your discounts start popping up!

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What users say about askOLI


I won't do any effort for discounts, but this is soooo easy! And I see it just when I need it, I don't get bothered by emails with deals.

Fabien D., Mons


What a surprise. I was looking up the opening hours for Walibi and the pop-up showed me a Walibi discount from my supermarket. I would never have thought of that myself.

Veerle H., Gent


After the first savings, I estimate that I can easily save €500 a year. More, when buying expensive things like a vacation.  

Willem V., Zonhoven

askOLI on all your devices

  • You can install askOLI on all your and your family's devices.
  • You won't just see your own advantages. Does your partner have an advantage via his road assistance or your daughter via her student card? Or maybe your mother via her magazine ? Everyone will be informed at the right moment.
  • All devices are kept up to date automatically.


Are you a company that manages an own advantage program, for your customers or employees? We can help you boost your customer loyalty or employee satisfaction and increase the usage of your advantages - a lot.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more.

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